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New School BBQ University

2020 has been an interesting year to say the least. There were not many BBQ events on the calendar, and our travels have been limited. This is the only blog post I will write and the only BBQ event I attended this year. LeRoy & Lewis is one of my favorite BBQ joints. I had the pleasure to attend their New School BBQ University back in March right before the pandemic hit. It was a great and fun 2ish days. Super informative and the highlight of my year. They have hosted a couple of classes since then so be on the lookout for future classes. Here's the recap: New School BBQ University at LeRoy & Lewis Orientation Introductions Chud's Fried Chicken A delicious spread Day 1 Brisket, Hog, and Beef Check Demo Evan LeRoy & Bradley Robinson Trimming briskets Trimmed briskets Beef cheeks Trimmed beef cheeks Grinding brisket fat trimmings to make tallow Brad breaking down a whole hog Brisket, Hog, and Beef Cheek On Loaded smoker Beef

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