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Hutchins BBQ (First Impression)

It has been a couple of months since I blogged about a BBQ joint. I will try to blog more this year. No guarantees though. Amber and I were in Dallas for a wedding in September 2017. We went to CattleAck the day before, and I hit up Pecan Lodge after I dropped Amber off at the hotel. I want to eat barbecue all the time, but Amber does not. It is not fair to her if we eat BBQ all the time so I try to make it as accommodating as I can. We agreed on that we can make one more stop on this trip. I wanted to go somewhere I have never been. Hutchins BBQ has been high on my list for a while. I have had their meats at festivals and have heard great things about them. FYI- Downton Dallas to McKinney where Hutchins is located is not a short drive at all. They have a Frisco location, but I wanted to go to the original one. The Hutchins location was going through a renovation at the time which included expanding the dining room.

The all you can eat option on the menu looked really tempting. I wil…

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