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Houston BBQ Festival 2018

One of my favorite events on the calendar is the Houston BBQ Festival. The barbecue scene in Houston has exploded and rivals Austin now. The festival showcases what Houston BBQ has to offer. The event moved location this year from the parking lots of NRG stadium to the Humble Civic Center. I will take you guys through a photographic journey to each participant's booth. Let's go...

Blake's BBQ - Brisket and sausage

Blood Bros. BBQ - Chuck eye Bulgogi bao, Thai green curry boudin, and Thai peanut butter pork belly burnt ends on papaya salad

The Brisket House - Brisket, sausage, and Big Red cherry jam glazed baby back ribs

Buck's Barbeque Co. - Pork belly banh mi, brisket, boudin, and Big Red ice cream

CorkScrew BBQ - Sweet & spicy ribs, jalapeƱo, turkey, and mac salad

El Burro & the Bull - Smoked pork on a house-made blue corn tostada with a smoked avocado gazpacho

Fainmous BBQ - Pulled chicken & pork, corn relish, spinach casserole, and brisket mac & cheese

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