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TMBBQ Fest 2019

The 10th Annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest took place this past weekend. Has it been 10 years already?! The first one I attended was in 2011 and have only missed 1 since then. 30 of the top BBQ joints all across Texas converged in Austin to serve some delicious bites. The weather was perfect. Sunny and not hot. A lot of people asked on Sunday what my favorite sample was. My response was something along the line that all the dishes started to run together. Now that I have time to process everything, the duck confit congee from Stiles Switch and the thịt nướng pork belly from Blood Bros really stood out to me. I grew up on less elevated and non-smoky versions. They were just comforting and tasty. The pumpkin sheet cake from Evie Mae's really hit the spot. There were a lot of great samples including desserts to eat overall. Someone should have wheeled me out at the end of the day because I was so stuffed. Here are the shots from the festival: Sheldon Mason of 2M Smokehouse Fri

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