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Camp Brisket 2019

Because I bleed burnt orange, I have stayed away from College Station. I have always wanted to attend Camp Brisket on the campus of Texas A&M though so I knew I needed to swallow my Longhorn pride. I had the opportunity to attend this year's Camp Brisket put on by Foodways Texas and the Meat Science Section of the Department of Animal Science at A&M. To get a chance to attend the event, you must be a Foodways member and enter the lottery. The two-day camp goes over the science and method of smoking brisket. There is a lot of knowledge shared with the attendees. Here is the rundown of the schedule:

Day 1- Rosenthal Meat Center

Introduction- Dr. Jeff Savell, Dr. Davey Griffin, and Ray Riley of the Texas A&M Meat Science ran the show. We met them and the A&M students helping with the camp. We all introduced ourselves as well.

Comparing Restaurant and Competition-Style Brisket with Jess Pryles. She talked about the differences of both. One is really a pageant and the o…

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