Smoked BBQ Fest 2019

Smoked BBQ Fest took place this past weekend. Twenty barbecue joints converged from all over the state in Dallas to bring some tasty bites. Ten of them were located in the DFW area. Dallas and mainly Fort Worth have been stepping up their BBQ game of late. I have not been to Hurtado and Panther City so it was a good opportunity to sample what they have to offer. It was hot on Saturday so I drank a lot of water, but I also ate way too much. It did not help that I started the day eating at Zavala's before the event. No ragrets. Here are the pics from the festival:

Bibimbap boudin and ginger brew gastrique and gochujang pork belly burnt ends from Bodacious BBQ Mobberly

Brisket QT-pie from CattleAck Barbeque

Brisket from Dayne's Craft Barbecue

Berry & gouda sausage from Dayne's Craft Barbecue

Smoked ribeye from Evie Mae's Pit Barbeque

Brisket from Evie Mae's Pit Barbeque

Bacon burnt ends from Heim Barbecue

Tri-Tip & serrano slaw taco from Hurtado Barbecue

Texas Twinkies from Hutchins BBQ

Texas Twinkies from Hutchins BBQ

Sausage wrap from Kreuz Market

Beef rib from Louie Mueller Barbecue

Beef rib bones from Louie Mueller Barbecue

Meat Church assembly line

Chicken fried brisket burnt ends from Meat Church

Brisket elotes from Meat Church

Lamb taco from Micklethwait Craft Meats

Brisket elotes from Panther City BBQ

Carolina chopped pork from Roegels Barbecue Co.

Brisket from Schmidt Family Barbecue

Brisket from Schmidt Family Barbecue

Brisket, creamed corn, and banana pudding from Schmidt Family Barbecue

Garlic parmesan ribs

Chile relleno sausage from Texas Chocolate & BBQ

Pork belly from Texas Chocolate & BBQ

Joe Zavala of Zavala's Barbecue and Tales from the Pits (Bryan Norton & Andrew Martinez)

Carnitas taco, tamale, and cheesy jalapeño hominy from Zavala's Barbecue

Until next time, happy smoking...


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