Blue Ox BBQ (closed)

Cleveland is apparently not a destination for good barbecue. I was there for work and did not find any barbecue that was worth trying. I did go to Michael Symon's Lola while I was there which was phenomenal. The first thing I did when I landed back in Austin was to find some good barbecue. My last meal was six hours ago so I was famished at this point. Texas Monthly was sponsoring Texas Barbecue Week from July 15-19. Various BBQ joints across Texas were offering a special for the week. I had never been to Blue Ox BBQ before, but I saw their name on the list and was going to give them a try.

I have heard about Blue Ox for a while now, but I never got a chance to visit them. They share their common space with The Buzz Mill which is a coffee shop. The special for the week was brisket, sausage, pork ribs, potato salad and beans all for 13 bucks. The holy trinity of Texas barbecue meats. While waiting for my meal, I was given a piece of the coffee rubbed pork tenderloin. It was very good and tender. It was my favorite meat from there. The brisket was good, but it was a little dry and salty. It had a good smoke flavor though. I really enjoyed the ribs. They were very tender, but not falling off of the bone. The rub on it gave it a great flavor. The sausage to me was just okay. It was a lighter sausage. I prefer a heavier sausage with more beef. The potato salad was German style so it was served warm. I was not a fan of it. The beans were just okay.

If you are in the area, it is great place to grab lunch from. Blue Ox also offers unlimited pancakes on Sundays. I will have to partake in that very soon.

Until next time, happy smoking...


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