Brown's Bar-B-Que

I have known about Brown's Bar-B-Que for a long time now. I just have not had a chance to come by the trailer. It used to be by a car wash, but it is now located next to Corner Bar. I guess I was a little apprehensive in going to a trailer at a car wash to get barbecue. I met up with Mike Sutter from Fed Man Walking on this day. He was finishing up another top 10 barbecue list.

I went with the three-meat plate today with the usual moist brisket, pork ribs, and sausage with cabbage and macaroni and cheese as sides. The brisket was super solid. It was moist and tender. The fat on it was luscious, and it had a nice meaty flavor. I do prefer a smokier brisket with a dark peppery bark, but I am not going to kick this brisket out of bed. The pork ribs stole the show. The rub/glaze was sweet and peppery. Just the way I like it. The ribs were meaty, tender, and juicy. The sausage was a commercial blend from Texas Sausage Company. Nothing noteworthy. The sides were excellent. The cabbage sounded healthy, but it was far from it. The bits of bacon did not help. The macaroni and cheese also had bacon in it. Not originally pictured are the smoked chicken and peach cobbler. I ate some of the chicken from Mike's plate. It was really moist, but you can still taste some smoke from the post oak. It was the perfect balance. I can see why people rave about the chicken. I am not a sweets type of guy, but the peach cobbler was pretty tasty.

I love the smells of a car wash. I am not sure why I have not gone by Brown's sooner when it was still there. Their prices are very affordable as well. The sausage they had today was not their usual custom blend. I did not get to try the pulled pork on this visit, but I will make that happen next time l go. On Sundays, they give away free barbecue if you order stuff from the bar at Corner. Free barbecue and alcohol? Win-win. grade: B

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 1901 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 517-8520


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