Lone Star BBQ

I knew Lone Star BBQ had opened last fall, but I have never seen it. I somehow missed the trailer when I was looking for it. It was located at a food trailer food court on South Lamar. I was really excited to eat here. I had no expectations coming in. It was lunch time when I got there, and there was no line. Score! Well I am not sure if that is a good or bad thing.

I ordered a quarter pound of all the meats (brisket, pork ribs, and pork belly) and a link of sausage. The moist brisket was solid. It was smoky and tender. The post oak kissed bark was lacking a little bit of flavor though. A dash more of black pepper would have gone a long way. The pork ribs were the show stopper on this day. They had a sweet glaze that made it super tasty. The meat was falling off the bone without being dry. I wish I had gotten more ribs to eat. The pork belly had the same rub as the ribs. It was meatier than what I have seen out there. They were quite delicious, but I think the sweetness was a little too much. I think it would have worked better with a rub similar to the brisket. The sausage was the red headed stepchild of the group which was outsourced from a place in Brenham. It had a good pop, grit, and fat ratio though. There are just not many people out there who make their own sausage. There were two types of barbecue sauces. There was a sweet Carolina style sauce and an original Texas style made with Lone Star beer.

I was pleasantly surprised with Lone Star BBQ. I might have hit them on a good day, but either way, you should check them out. There are just so many good barbecue choices in this town. I did enjoy everything I ate. If you check in with Yelp, you can get a free drink. Of course I went with a bottle of sweet tea. The husband and wife duo of John and Jaylyn Morell were also a pleasure to talk to. Grade: B

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 2323 S Lamar Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 739-4724


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