Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q (Austin on 360)

I have not been to a Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q in a long time. The last time I went, I had a bad experience. The four Rudy's located in Austin are owned by K&N Management. They also own Mighty Fine Burgers Fries & Shakes. A favorites of mine. The Rudy's off of 360 was one of the first barbecue joints I have eaten at. I remember the food being awesome, but I also had nothing better to compare it to back then. It was also all about the sauce at the time. I could drink that stuff. I really wanted barbecue this day and decided to give the Rudy's name a chance to redeem themselves.

Although it was lunch time and they were busy, the line moved at a brisk pace. I ordered a slice of moist brisket, one pork sparerib, a link of sausage, and a side of creamed corn. Before I sat down, I cleaned my hands in the automatic hand washer. It is a Jacuzzi for your hands and a perk for going to one of the Austin locations. The brisket looked sad but tasted better than it looked. I could not find a smoke ring, but you could taste the smoke in the crusty exterior. The meat was tender but bordering on dry. There was not a whole lot of flavor and could have used more fat. Perfect time to use their sauce. The pork rib had decent smoke and was soft and juicy. The meat gave little resistance to my teeth. The rub was tasty and complemented the meat well. The rib saved this meal. The sausage was solid. There was a nice pop from the casing, and the blend tasted fine. It was a little too greasy. The creamed corn was good as usual. The pickles and onions were free here.

Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q is a good stop if you are in a hurry or need something to eat for dinner. The barbecue is just okay, but there are days it could surprise you. I have had better brisket from here before. Everything on the menu is pretty decent. My wife loves the chopped beef and chicken. The breakfast tacos are pretty good, and they smoke turkeys for the holidays. I have never had the baby back ribs, but you have to order them by the half rack. Someday. Grade: Other

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 2451 S. Capital of Texas Hwy, Austin, TX 78746
Phone: (512) 329-5554


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