City Market (Luling)

My wife and I were planning our Valentine's Day, when she suggested going to Luling for lunch. She must really love me because eating barbecue is a way to my heart. Luling is only 30 miles from our home so the drive is not bad at all. We have been to City Market once a few summers ago. I just remember that the BBQ being above average, and it was hot and smoky in the pit room. We left disappointed because they were one of the top five on the 2008 Texas Monthly BBQ list, and we were expecting nothing short of amazing.

I thought no one would be in line for barbecue on Valentine's Day. Boy, I was wrong. When we arrived there, the line was about 60 people long. I thought the line was a safety hazard as it snaked throughout the dining area. The line should have gone out the front door. With two cashiers, the line moved briskly. You order the meats in an enclosed room. It was dark, smoky, and warm in there. The menu is real simple. Brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. Brisket was only 13 bucks a pound! That is unheard of nowadays. We went with a half-pound of moist brisket, three pork ribs, and two rings of sausage.

The brisket was cooked well. It was smoky and tender. It had a meaty flavor but that was it. I wanted something more from the brisket. The ribs tasted solid and looked great with the red hue. The sweet hint from the rub played well with the post oak smoke. The ribs were mostly tender and coming off the bone. Closer to the edge of the ribs, the meat was chewier though. The beef sausage had the ideal pop from casing with a heavy grit. The fat content was on point, but the flavor was not. It was under seasoned. I wanted more salt and pepper. It would have been an excellent sausage otherwise. The BBQ sauce on the table was really good. It reminded me of a mustardy Salt Lick sauce that is not as sweet.

Do not forget the cash at home because City Market does not take credit cards. There is an ATM on-site just in case you forget. The 'cue this time was better than our first visit. All the meats were cooked pretty well, but a little seasoning could go a long way. I do wonder if City Market is past their prime. We drive through Luling every time we go to Houston. I did not realize they open so early. We should stop by more often as long as the barbecue is just as good . Afterwards, we tried to stop by Luling Bar-B-Q next door, but they were out of ribs so we went home. Grade: B-

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 633 E Davis St, Luling, TX 78648
Phone: (830) 875-9019


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