Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q (First Impression)

At last, I have come to the final stop of the day on my East Texas barbecue tour. I started at Bodacious and continued to Joseph's Riverport. I actually stopped at Country Tavern in Kilgore but only got the baby back ribs. They were saucy and were not bad at all. I was by myself and was extremely full after that. I checked into my hotel in Tyler and hung out for a little bit. I headed to Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q around 6:30 for dinner. There was a short wait.

When I arrived at the front of the line, I ordered the Four Meat Sampler Plate. I got moist brisket, baby back pork ribs, pulled pork, and turkey. The turkey was one of the better ones I have eaten. It had a nice flavor and was very juicy. I could not resist the sweet and saucy baby back pork ribs. With every bite, I wanted more. The tender, moist rib meat came away nicely from the bone. I probably should have ordered a half rack of them and called it a day. The pulled pork was fine. It was a little dry and lackluster in flavor though. I received lean brisket instead of moist. I could not eat it. It was dry as a desert. I went back to the counter and asked for moist. It was a little bit better. I am chalking up the quality to me being there later in the day. Before the Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival the next day, I came back to get the Mother Clucker. It is a spiked and smoked chicken thigh filet with spicy BBQ mayo, cheddar cheese, topped with an over easy fried egg and served on toasted jalapeno cheese sourdough. I upgraded mine with house-made guacamole and candied bacon and made it a Cadillac Clucker. Holy hell! It was delicious. I ate all of it at the expense of my Red Dirt experience. The depth of flavors, the textures... Man o man.

Stanley’s Famous Pit Bar-B-Q is on the Texas Monthly Top 50 list. They must be doing something right. I guess I just went at the wrong time for brisket. I need to come back during lunch time. It is hard because I want to go back to Bodacious and Joseph's Riverport as well. The ribs, turkey, and the Mother Clucker were outstanding. They have quite a few good things going. Until next year. Grade: N/A

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 525 S Beckham Ave, Tyler, TX 75702
Phone: 903.593.0311


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