The Pit Room (First Impression)

Amber wanted to check out Kusama exhibit at the Museum of Fine Arts, and I wanted to check out a new barbecue place so a trip to Houston was in store. I was doing research to see what was close to the MFA because we had to be there when they first open to get tickets. The Pit Room opened about two weeks ago. I have seen a lot of pictures on social media, and the food looked pretty good. Then I saw The Pit Room was less than a mile from the exhibit. Score.

I had an idea what I was going to order before we got there. However once I arrived there, I got overwhelmed with the menu and forgot a few things to get. Some of the smoked meats were hanging under heat lamps and reminded me of a Chinese BBQ restaurant. I ordered the three-meat plate with moist brisket, pork ribs, and Czech style beef sausage with sides of elote (Mexican street corn) and mac n cheese. Amber got the brisket taco. We had to order the brown sugar butter cookie ice cream sandwich to cap off the meal. Everything I ate was great. The brisket was on-point. The tender meat played nicely with the rub and post oak smoke. I did not expect something like this from a place opened for less than two weeks. The pork ribs were outstanding. The combination of the moist meat, smokiness, and flavor made for some good eating. Sadness overcame me after I finished off the second rib because there was no more. The beefy sausage had a good blend of spices. Combine that with a good amount of fat, a coarse grit, and a snappy casing, and you have a superb sausage. The homemade sides were tasty and fresh. Amber's brisket taco was delicious. They used brisket fat to make the tortilla. The cookie sandwich with caramel banana ice cream provided the perfect finish to our lunch. The cold treat was decadent, different, and refreshing without being overly sweet. Amber and I shared one, and I wished we did not after the sandwich was gone.

I need to go back to The Pit Room again. I enjoyed everything. I would have never guessed this place had been open for only two weeks. I want to go back with a bigger group so we can sample more of the menu. Who is in? I forgot to order the homemade chicharrones. I still regret it today. Considering it is so new, I need to stop by one more time before I make up my mind on The Pit Room. So far, so good.

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 1201 Richmond Ave, Houston, TX 77006
Phone: (281) 888-1929


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