TMBBQ Fest 2018

The granddaddy of them all. The Texas Monthly BBQ Festival. It was the ninth edition of this meaty event. Last year, I manage to hit all 30 tents, but I had no plans to do the same thing this year. I just wanted to hang out and eat some great BBQ. A little photo recap of the day:

It's go time

Stairway to meat heaven

2M Smokehouse (San Antonio)

Sheldon Mason


Dusty Dworak & Esaul Ramos making barbacoa tacos

Baker Boys BBQ (Gonzales)

Turkey, sausage, and giblet rice

Bodacious on Mobberly (Longview)

Choice of Dr. Pepper, Big Red, and Arnold Palmer pork belly burnt ends

Cattleack Barbeque (Dallas)

Burnt ends, pastrami burnt ends, and crack cake

Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que (Llano)

Evie Mae's Barbecue (Wolfforth)

Smoked ribeye

Brisket, sausage, ribeye, and creamy roasted corn

Mallory & Arnis Robbins

Flores Barbecue (Whitney)

Jalapeño and cheese sausage

Banana pudding

Carnitas taco

Guess Family Barbecue (Waco)


Shredded beef cheeks
Beef cheeks on top of cheesy grits

Hays Co. Bar-B-Que and Catering (San Marcos)

Brisket, pork belly, and sausage

Heim Barbecue & Catering

Bacon burnt ends


Hutchins BBQ McKinney

Texas Twinkies

Brisket and jalapeño cheese sausage

Killen's BBQ (Pearland)


Peach habanero glazed pork belly burnt ends

Lockhart Smokehouse (Dallas)

Steamship round

Louie Mueller Barbecue (Taylor)

Banana pudding

Brisket taco, rib, and banana pudding

Micklethwait Craft Meats (Austin)

Pulled lamb leg taco

Lamb chorizo kolaches

Miller's Smokehouse (Belton)

Alicia Chapa serving chocolate cupcakes

Brisket and coffee wings

Pody's BBQ (Pecos)


Roegels Barbecue Co. (Houston)

Misty Roegels making bourbon banana pudding


Smolik's Smokehouse (Mathis)

Brisket, rib, sausage, and braised cabbage

Snow's BBQ (Lexington)


Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew (Austin)

Chili cheese fry sausage
Brisket, rib, and chili cheese fry sausage

Stillwater Barbeque (Abilene)


Tejas Chocolate & Barbecue (Tomball)

Pork shank

Chile relleno sausage

Pork shank taco, chile relleno sausage, carrot soufflé, and chocolate cake

Top 5 BBQ (DeSoto)

Brisket and pulled pork

Truth BBQ (Brenham)

Longest line at the festival

Banana caramel cake

Brisket, pulled pork slider, and corn pudding

Tyler's Barbeque (Amarillo)

Tyler Frazier with brisket

Prime rib

Valentina's Tex Mex BBQ (Austin)

Pork collar

Missing from the pictures are la Barbecue, Stanley's Famous Pit Bar-B-Q, and Terry Black's Barbecue. They had run of food by the time I made it to their respective tents. I was not eating everywhere so I was able to get to all the tents under two hours. Flores and Guess were first timers and brought their A game. They both had fantastic bites. I enjoy going to the festival every year because it is like a big ole BBQ family reunion. It was great seeing everyone and "meating" new people.


LeRoy & Lewis crew

Beautiful day for a BBQ festival

Until next time, happy smoking...


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