Austin Food + Wine Festival 2019

I have never been interested in Austin Food + Wine Festival. Not sure why though. What got my attention was when I saw pictures of Billy Durney, Rodney Scott, and Elliot Moss cooking in Austin last year. I was like what?! There is barbecue? I mean it does make sense considering it is Austin after-all. I attended the day events on Saturday and Sunday, but there are other events (Feast Under the Stars, Grillin' and Chillin' and Rock Your Taco) that you can go to as well. There were a lot of delicious bites to be had. I did not take a picture every dish with my camera though. My bad. I remember the duck fat refried black bean taco from Nixta Taqueria and the pani puri from Lenoir distinctly. They were quite delicious. Here is my photo recap:


Gochujang ribs

Andrew Wiseheart of Contigo

Brad Robinson & Evan LeRoy of LeRoy & Lewis

Curry sausage from LeRoy & Lewis

Lamb from LeRoy & Lewis

Setup from Stiles Switch

Lance Kirkpatrick of Stiles Switch

Beef fajitas from Stiles Switch

Jalapeño cheddar sausage from Stiles Switch

BBQ Hors d'oeuvre - brisket & candied jalapeño and bacon cream cheese on a saltine from Interstellar BBQ

Crawfish roll from Southerleigh

Pork belly cracklins with smoked Brussels sprouts, golden raisin, chili, and mint from Geraldine’s

Lamb pop with chimichurri from Lonesome Dove

Frito pie from Ranch 616


Andrew Wiseheart flipping ribs

Evan LeRoy, Thomas Spaulding of LeRoy & Lewis, and Andrew Wiseheart

Thomas Spaulding

Lamb pops from Louie Mueller Barbecue

Wayne Mueller and Clay Cowgill

Chris McGhee of The Switch slicing sausage

Pepperoni pizza sausage

Lance Kirkpatrick

Sliced pork shoulder with watermelon BBQ sauce and honey lime coleslaw from Stiles Switch

Brad Robinson and Evan LeRoy

Szechuan sausage

Texas Hash - Smoked brisket pastrami, duck fat roasted potatoes, salsa verde, and sweet red pepper sauce from Forthright

Until next time, happy smoking...


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