TMBBQ Fest 2019

The 10th Annual Texas Monthly BBQ Fest took place this past weekend. Has it been 10 years already?! The first one I attended was in 2011 and have only missed 1 since then. 30 of the top BBQ joints all across Texas converged in Austin to serve some delicious bites. The weather was perfect. Sunny and not hot. A lot of people asked on Sunday what my favorite sample was. My response was something along the line that all the dishes started to run together. Now that I have time to process everything, the duck confit congee from Stiles Switch and the thịt nướng pork belly from Blood Bros really stood out to me. I grew up on less elevated and non-smoky versions. They were just comforting and tasty. The pumpkin sheet cake from Evie Mae's really hit the spot. There were a lot of great samples including desserts to eat overall. Someone should have wheeled me out at the end of the day because I was so stuffed. Here are the shots from the festival:

Sheldon Mason of 2M Smokehouse

Frito pie from 2M

Turkey, sausage, and giblet rice from Baker Boys

Brisket and slaw from BBQ on the Brazos

Chorizo sausage with Oaxaca cheese from Bodacious Bar-B-Q Mobberly

Bryan Bingham of Bodacious Bar-B-Q Mobberly

Al pastor pork belly burnt ends from Bodacious Bar-B-Q Mobberly

Al pastor pork belly burnt ends, chorizo/Oaxaca sausage, and Mexican hot chocolate brownies from Bodacious Bar-B-Q Mobberly

Quy Hoang of Blood Bros.

Thịt nướng pork belly burnt ends vermicelli, mac & sleaze sausage, and peanut brittle from Blood Bros.

Pastrami burnt ends from CattleAck

Brisket from Evie Mae's

Brisket from Evie Mae's

Pumpkin sheet cake with cream cheese icing

Reid Guess of Guess Family Barbecue

Wings from Guess

Charles Deason of Guess

Pimento cheese deviled eggs with brisket jam

Beef & cheddar sausage from Guess

Burn barrel from Guess

Pork chop from Hays Co. Bar-B-Que

Asenette and Michael Hernandez of Hays Co.

Travis & Emma Heim of Heim Barbecue

Bacon burnt ends from Heim

Brisket from Hutchins

Texas Twinkies in the Hutchis' Oyler

Killen's new Moberg pit. It's a beaut.

Ronnie Killen

Killen's crew

Cherry habanero pork belly burnt ends from Killen's

Fried chicken from Killen's

Fried chicken from Killen's

Beef ribs from Killen's

The line for the Killen's fried chicken...

Brisket from la Barbecue

Strip loin from Micklethwait

Brisket from Miller’s Smokehouse

Mama Miller with ginger snap cookies

Grant Pinkerton seasoning the steaks from Pinkerton’s Barbecue

Banana caramel pudding from Pinkerton’s

Grant with the Tomahawk from Pinkerton's

Dueling mesquite and pecan briskets from Pody’s BBQ

Cross cut beef ribs from Pody's

Whole hog sundae from Roegels Barbecue Co.

Snow’s BBQ crew

Banana pudding from Snow's

Beef rib confit with smoked pumpkin polenta, ginger & basil pesto and smoked duck confit with rice congee, ginger, marinated egg, scallion & crispy duck cracklins from Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew

Pork belly with mole from Tejas

Chile relleno stuffed quail, pork belly, carrot soufflé, spiced chai panna cotta from Tejas

Fatty brisket from Truth BBQ

Lean brisket from Truth

Delicious boat from Truth

Tyler Frazer of Tyler’s Barbeque

Beef ribs from Valentina’s Tex Mex BBQ

Marsala glazed beef rib with smoked mashed potatoes from Valentina’s

Russell Roegels protesting among the animal rights protestor

Until next time, happy smoking...


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