Live Oak Barbecue (closed)

About two years ago, some friends and I wanted some Franklin Barbecue for lunch. It was around 10 am, but the line was pretty long already. The one of the employees said we would probably not get any brisket. It was time for plan B. Another one of our friends had tried a new place called Live Oak Barbecue close by. He thought it was borderline terrible. I remember when I tried it the first time, I thought it was good. It was time for me to jog my memory. I was able to get there from work and back within 45 minutes so it was ideal for me to go there today.

The prices were very affordable. I ordered a two meat plate with moist brisket and ribs and potato salad and beans as the sides. I also added a link of sausage. The brisket itself was tender. What ruined it was the bark. It had a bitter terrible taste to it. Possibly due to too much smoke? The pork ribs were good. They were tender and smoky. They had a good flavor to  them. The sausage was the highlight of the meal. It had a great casing with snap, and the flavor was great. The fat content and grit was ideal. It was rich and meaty.

This place can be good. It is hard for me to come back when I know there are better options within a mile of Live Oak. They have Saturday specials where they smoke other cuts of meat sometimes even exotic. Grade: B-

Until next time, happy smoking...


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