Ray's Bar-B-Q (closed)

I visited Ray's Bar-B-Q back in October. I just have not had the chance to post the review. When I went to post it today, I found out that they are now closed. A tire shop is now where Ray's was. I guess Ray's is a victim of the quality of barbecue that Austin has.


You might have recognized this place before. If you have ever seen the NBC show Friday Night Lights, your memory has been jogged now. You are welcome. I have been to Ray's Bar-B-Q before when I first saw it on the show. It is so close enough to my work that I could run to it. I went to lunch around one o'clock, and I was the only patron in there. I was hoping Vince was going to be there serving up me some 'cue.

As per usual, I ordered the holy trinity of Texas barbecue (brisket, ribs, and sausage) plate with a side of beans and potato salad. The prices at Ray's were very affordable. The fatty brisket was really fatty. It left a pool of grease on my plate. The brisket needed to stay on the smoker a little bit longer to help render the fat more and trimming more of the fat would not have hurt. The flavor was fine, but a bark was lacking and the smoke ring was faint. Sometimes using barbecue sauce makes a meal turn okay after all. The pork ribs were decent. It was sort of bland but tender. It needed more flavor and smoke. The rib I got also had a lot of fat on it. The sausage was from Meyers out in Elgin. Of course the sausage would be good. The beans and potato salad were average. They looked like they were store bought.

The employees were really nice. They were friendly and talked to me for a little bit. It is hard for me to review family owned restaurants sometimes. I really wanted to give them a better grade, but it comes down to quality of the smoked meat. I wish this next statement was true for them. "Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can't Lose."

Until next time, happy smoking...


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