Pecan Lodge

At this point, I have made it to all but one of the BBQ joints in the top four of the Texas Monthly Top 50. Pecan Lodge has been the elusive one. Amber and I rarely go to Dallas, but this time we had plans to see our friends. This obviously works out for me because I can try Pecan Lodge and maybe another barbecue restaurant in the area or on the way. We were supposed to leave Friday morning, but we ended up leaving Thursday to avoid the winter weather conditions.

I imagine the lines on Friday are not as long as Saturdays which is why we got a jump start on the weekend. I got to Pecan Lodge an hour and ten minutes before opening. They are moving from shed two in the Farmers Market to a new location in Deep Ellum later this year. I was first in line which meant I got to ring the bell when they open. Texas Monthly BBQ editor, Daniel Vaughn, was going to meet up with me for lunch. His agent, David Hale Smith, photographer, Nicholas McWhirter, and his out of town guests also were present.

I ordered the "trough" and two orders of fried chicken to try to feed us. The trough came with one beef rib, a pound of brisket, a pound of pork ribs, a pound of pulled pork, and three links of sausage. The brisket was really good. How good? One of the best I have ever had if not the best. It was smoky, tender, and luscious. The mesquite wood worked well here. Sometimes if not done right, mesquite can make the meat taste bitter. The brisket was very moist and had a great bark. It was on point today. The ribs were good. They were one of the smokiest ribs I have ever had. The sausage was great too. They had a nice pop from the casing and nice flavor. The texture and fat was what I was looking for in a sausage. In Texas, brisket is king so you do not see a lot of pulled pork. The pork here was superb. It was juicy and tasty. I could have eat them all day every day. The beef rib was decent, but it did not do anything for me today. It needed to stay on the smoker a little bit longer to render the fat better. Parts of it were tough and/or chewy. Although the fried chicken did not factor in my review, it was really good. It was juicy and crispy. While we were eating, Justin Fourton, owner and pitmaster, hooked us up with some deep fried ribs. They were very unique. The sauce and breading took away from the ribs though. I am sad I forgot to eat any of the sides of macaroni and cheese and fried okra. I was overwhelmed by the amount of food in front of us. There were a lot of leftovers.

I have read a lot of positive reviews of Pecan Lodge so I was worried that I was in store for a major letdown. There was no letdown here. I was blown away by the brisket and pleasantly surprised by the pulled pork. I only ended up eating at one barbecue joint this trip. It probably worked out because wherever I went might have not lived up to this meal. I want to jump back into the car and drive to Dallas right now. The line was not as bad this day because it was a colder day and a Friday. You might face a long line on the weekends, but this place is worth the trip and wait. You can always play hooky during the week? Grade: A

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 2702 Main St, Dallas, TX 75226
Phone: (214) 748-8900


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