House Park Bar-B-Que

House Park Bar-B-Que is one of the hardest places to get barbecue from for me. They are open only for lunch Monday through Friday. I have only been here once just because of that reason. Their sign on the outside reads "No need teef to eat my beef." This slogan is similar to another Austin barbecue institution. House Park is located in a shopping center and is within a stone's throw of an Austin classic, The Tavern. When I got there at 11 AM, there were a few people eating inside.

I ordered a two-meat plate with moist brisket and pork ribs with a half link of sausage. The plate also came with bean, potato salad, and coleslaw. The brisket had two stories. So the long piece on the bottom of a typical brisket is the flat (lean). The top piece that covers half of it is the point (moist). The flat was chewy, and the point was super fatty. They must have cooked it too high and fast. It had a smoke ring, but without, I would have guessed the brisket was done in an oven. There were no flavors, and it was bland. The ribs were slightly better. They were dry, but the rub had a nice spice. You had to work a little to get the meat off of the bone. The sausage is made by the Texas Sausage Company which is the same people who make the sausage for Franklin Barbecue. It is sad if that was the best thing I ate. The sausage was a beef and pork house blend. The peppercorn gave it a good kick. The sides were boring but did look homemade. More seasoning please?

Bland was the story here. I am not sure how House Park House Park Bar-B-Que is in business with the limited hours. Sure, some places in town are only open for lunch, but their line snakes around the building. A lot of the places I eat at, the smoked meats are cut in front of you. Sometimes when you watch them cut the meat, you know it is not going to be a good experience. This was one of them. Grade: Other

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 900 W 12th St, Austin, TX 78703
Phone: (512) 472-9621


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