Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse

Last year we did a group BBQ trip to Lockhart. We went to Kreuz Market, Smitty's Market, and Black's Barbecue. Most of the group was gassed after the first two stops. I could have probably gone to a fourth. This year I wanted to go somewhere people could pace themselves better. Elgin came to mind with their two joints, Meyer's Elgin Smokehouse and Southside Market & Barbeque. I had never been to either so it was the ideal trip. We left Round Rock for Elgin before 11 am so we could beat the lunch crowd. The drive to Elgin was not bad at all. I have not taken 290 in that direction ever. I normally take 71 or 183 when I am headed towards Houston.

When we got there, there was no line at all. Perfect timing. I ordered a slice of moist brisket, one pork rib, a half link of the beef sausage, and two links of the pork sausage for my wife and I to share. We also got an order of macaroni and cheese that I forgot to try. The brisket was not good at all. It was liking eating roast beef. It was chewy with a lot of unrendered fat along the edges. It needed to stay in the smoker longer. It was also missing a well-developed bark. The smoke was fine though. The pork rib was quite good. It had a deep smoke and was very tender. The rub gave it a nice texture. I could have eaten a few more, but I needed to pace myself. A link of the beef sausage was huge so we went with half of a link. I enjoyed the coarse grit and the snap from the casing. It was definitely a meaty sausage, but I wanted a little bit more of fat. Other than that, the sausage was tasty. The pork sausage was boring. It was fatty and did not have a lot of flavor. It was not as smoky as I wanted it to be. The honey mesquite BBQ sauce had a nice sweet flavor.

I thought Meyer's was so-so. Everyone on the trip shared similar opinions. I should have also tried some of jalapeƱo and cheese sausage. They are only served on the weekends. The beef sausage was the winner here. Meyer's also has a meat market on site. Our next stop was Southside Market & Barbeque. Grade: Other

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 188 Hwy 290, Elgin, TX 78621
Phone: (512) 281-3331


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