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My streak of posting a blog entry every week has ended. I have still been eating barbecue just not anything new to write about. I have been revisiting some of my favorites. Follow me on Instagram @TheSmokingHo to check out my BBQ/eating adventures. My wife and I have not taken a vacation alone for a while. We decided that we were going to Hawaii this year. We ended up going to Maui because the humpback whales mate off the shores this part of the year, and Amber really wanted to see them. We could see them from our hotel, but we also did a whale watching tour. It was so awe-inspiring to witness them in their element and when they breach the water. During the vacation, I obviously looked for some barbecue to eat. I found a place in West Maui that served southern BBQ.

Iron Imu BBQ was kind of difficult to find. It was located in the middle of a resort. They did have a good size menu to select from. I ordered the Iron Imu Combo and added moist brisket. The combo also came with Andouille sausage, pulled pork, ribs, and chicken. I got the Grandpa Ford's mac & cheese, Mimi's sweet pepper slaw, and mac salad on the side. The brisket had a nice smoke ring and bark. When I bit into it, I was pleasantly surprised. It was tender and had a good flavor. It reminded me of the brisket I typically would find back home. The fat was rendered down nicely. They use all kinds of wood to smoke the meat. It could be cherry, hickory, apple, or whatever is available. The pork ribs were moist and soft, but I wanted some more flavor from the rub. The sausage had a good bite to it with a snappy casing. The pulled pork was pretty standard. It was juicy with a decent amount of smoke to it. A lot of places do not do chicken very well. This place is not one of them. It was succulent, and the combination of the smoke and rub made it a delight to eat. The sides were satisfying except I did not care for the mac salad. It had peas in them, and I despise peas.

You can taste and see the Texas influences at Iron Imu BBQ. They have memorabilia from Texas hanging up around the restaurant including some Dallas Cowboys items. It was great to see solid execution on barbecue in the middle of the ocean. Getting the appropriate supplies and products 2,500 miles away from the mainland is neither easy nor cheap. The brisket would easily stand a chance in the state of Texas. I took some pictures of the catering rigs with the built-in smokers out front but accidentally deleted them. Sorry. If Iron Imu was located further south on the island where there are more tourists, it could make a killing. Grade: N/A

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