Road Trip (Snow's BBQ & Louie Mueller Barbecue)

Almost two years have passed since I have been to Snow's BBQ and Louie Mueller Barbecue. They are some of my favorites, and I feel like it is wrong for me not to visit them more often. A review was not in the works on this trip because I wanted to enjoy the meats and experiences from these exceptional places. Dave from Brisket and Bagels and I started this road trip early one Saturday. The plan was to hit three to four stops...

We arrived at Snow's BBQ around 8:45 AM. There was no line at all. Remember Snow's is only open on Saturdays. We ordered a little bit of everything except the turkey. The brisket was on-point and terrific. Good smoke, taste, and texture. Dave asked for a small pork rib, and he got what he wanted. There was not a whole lot to eat from the rib. The rub gave the rib a nice flavor though. Both the original and jalapeño sausage were outstanding. They both had a snappy casing and an ideal grind. I prefer the jalapeño more because of the finishing kick. For the first time, I tried the pork shoulder steak and chicken. I wished we ordered more of the pork steak. It was tremendous. The smoke and rub gave it a tasty crust. It was moist, tender and a delight to eat. The chicken was no joke. It was a juicy, delicious bird.

What a remarkable breakfast and a fantastic start to our day! The meal did not put a dent in our wallet either. You cannot beat these prices. The briskets are smoked on the offset smokers out back. Everything else is cooked directly over post oak. Do not forget to say hi to Tootsie while you are there. She is one of the gems of the barbecue world. She just turned 80 and is still going. Wow. Happy birthday Tootsie!

The Cathedral of Smoke. You do feel like you in a church when you are at Louie Mueller Barbecue. You get this surreal feeling as you walk towards the ordering counter. The smoke lined walls represent the history and importance of this BBQ restaurant. At the counter, we ordered the Texas trinity and added a beef plate short rib. How could you go to Louie Mueller and skip out on the beef rib? It should be a crime. When we sat down to eat, the sweet tea from Snow's finally settled in, and I felt full. Nothing was going to stop me from devouring what was on our tray. I ate my whole slice of moist brisket in no time at all. It was stellar. The black pepper heavy bark and the tender, fatty meat played a perfect harmony. Music to my mouth. The massive beef rib was out of bounds. It should be put in some kind of meat hall of fame. The depth of flavor from the smoky, peppery exterior was righteous. I could probably eat two of those. I almost forgot about the other two meats. The original sausage could have used a little more time in the smoker. Get the jalapeño for more of a bite. The pork rib was solid.

Louie Mueller Barbecue has been in existence since 1949. Before and after our lunch, we talked to owner/pitmaster Wayne Mueller for a little bit. He is the grandson of Louie Mueller. He is a genuine and passionate guy. We chatted about their history, smoking process, beef prices and his venture into Houston. Wayne knows what he is doing. He is a wealth of knowledge.

The road trip was a success although we only hit two spots. Snow's BBQ and Louie Mueller Barbecue are some of the best barbecue out there. There is no shame in only going to these two; considering that they are two of the top four on the Texas Monthly top 50 list. If you want to get the true Texas BBQ experience, visit them both. The history, the tradition, and great 'cue. I am planning to make this an annual trek. My clothes smelled like post oak wood, and I did not want to wash them. It was a wonderful day.

Until next time happy smoking...

Address: 516 Main St, Lexington, TX 78947
Phone: (979) 773-4640

Address: 206 W Second St, Taylor, TX 76574
Phone: (512) 352-6206


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