TMBBQ Behind the Pit Dinner - Franklin Barbecue

No line outside of Franklin Barbecue

Sometimes I feel like an advocate for Texas Monthly BBQ. I have blogged numerous times about their events. They do curate some cool ass stuff. I had an opportunity recently to attend the TMBBQ Behind the Pit Dinner at Franklin Barbecue. It was sponsored by 44 Farms, Yeti Coolers, and Lonestar Beer.

The event itself was very intimate. There were no more than 60 people present. You did not have to wait in line for hours upon hours to order your food. The meats were sliced by owner/pitmaster Aaron Franklin at the counter and brought out to the tables. You should watch the BBQsnob's Instgram video of Aaron slicing brisket. It is mesmerizing.

Aaron slicing a 44 Farm brisket
Aaron cutting some 44 Farm beef ribs

Brisket, beef ribs, pork ribs, and sausage were served at the event. Aaron normally smokes Creekstone products at his restaurant. For the event, he used the beef from 44 Farms. He had some challenges with the meat (smaller briskets with less of a point), but the results were still the same. Spectacular. The brisket did taste more beefy. The beef ribs were heavenly as well. They were tender, had a nice amount of smoke, and rich in flavor. Remember you can only get beef ribs on Saturdays. I do not think I will ever have the time to wait in line on a Saturday for one of those.

Pile O' Meat
We are not here for this...

There was a Q&A session with Texas Monthly BBQ editor Daniel Vaughn and Aaron. I learned that one of Aaron's guilty pleasures is eating tacos from Taco Bell.

Daniel Vaughn and Aaron Franklin

We also got a tour of the smokehouse. It was blazing hot in there. The summer heat and the fires in the smokers are a bad combination. I only lasted for a brief moment; just long enough to take some shots.

View of the Capitol
The Man, The Myth, The Legend

If you ever get a chance to get into TMBBQ Behind the Pit Dinner, do it. It is really an awesome experience. The atmosphere is a lot more chill than normal. Eat great BBQ. Check. Drink a few beers and relax. Check. A chance to win a Yeti. Check. Tickets are limited so pay attention to the TMBBQ website for dates and details. Join their club to get early access to the tickets. Everyone attending the event will enjoy it. Well, unless you are a vegetarian... 

Stack of Post Oak

Until next time, happy smoking...


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