South Austin BBQ (closed)

For whatever reason, we do not eat barbecue very often in our little town of Kyle. We have been to Milt's a handful of times. I think it is because Amber is with me when I am at home, and BBQ is not her first choice. I was excited when South Austin BBQ opened up in Kyle about six months ago. It took over the spot along I-35 where Milt's vacated when they moved. It is a family ran business with John Zamora Sr and Jr. Do not Google just South Austin BBQ. You will never find it. Add Kyle to the search.
Amber and I stopped in for lunch on a Tuesday. There are quite a few options of meat on the menu. Not many places I go to offer plates anymore so I was excited to see a 3-meat plate for twelve bucks. Count me in with moist brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. Amber got a Z-Bowl which is essential Frito pie with no cheese. The brisket was okay. It was falling apart and tasted fine. The ribs had a good flavor and were smoky, but they were dry and looked old. They were closed Sunday and Monday so hopefully I was not fed Saturday's ribs. Although the sausage was on the greasy side, it had a nice texture and snap to the casing. Beans were fine and nothing special to note about the potato salad. You get a huge portion with the Z-Bowl. It will fill you up. I wish it came with cheese. It would have brought everything together better.
I was a little disappointed in this visit. I guess I was expecting great things. I will give South Austin BBQ another shot considering it is so close to our house. I might stop in during the weekend next time. I am changing up my grading system. If I thought the barbecue was average or below average, I am going to lump them together as Other. People get really defensive or go on the offensive when the grade is low. I do not have time for all that shenanigans. The places that are above average deserve a little more recognition for what they are doing.
Until next time, happy smoking...


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