Pappa Charlies Barbeque (Revisit)

Amber and I spent a weekend in Houston to hang out with our friends, Sean and Kaylie. We tried Ronnie Killen's new burger place for lunch that Saturday. We enjoyed the burgers. The girls split off to go shopping, but my eating adventure was just beginning. Sean happily tagged along, I think? We had to stop at Killen's Barbecue while we were in Pearland for some dessert because I have never tried his banana pudding. Decadent. I did not want to wait in line for any smoked meats there, but I was not going to waste a trip to Houston without getting some good BBQ. Pappa Charlies Barbeque recently moved into a brick and mortar location close to Minute Maid Park. Congrats to owner/pitmaster Wes Jurena and crew on the new place! We stopped by to check it out.

With my stomach still pretty full, I took it easy and just ordered some pork ribs and 44 Farms boneless short rib burnt ends. I should have ordered a rack of the pork ribs because I could have eaten a dozen of them. I am pretty sure these are my favorite pork ribs to date. I like them sweet and spicy, and Wes' pork ribs are right up my alley. The bold finish with the tender meat makes you keep coming back for more. The burnt ends are pricey but worth every penny. You get a more even marbling by using short ribs instead of the point of a brisket. The result is a rich and more flavorful bite. You just cannot have one or two or three... Well you get the point.

I wish we lived in Houston sometimes. I am kind of tired of Austin barbecue because I eat it so much. I just want some change or something new/different. My only issue with Houston BBQ is the good places are all spread out across town. I have access to eight great places from my work within 10 miles. I guess I cannot have it all. Pappa Charlies does do a smoked meatloaf that I would love to try someday. They are also doing brunch on Sundays now too. It is also a great spot to drop in before or after a baseball/soccer game for some good 'cue and a brew. Sadly there was no dessert on the menu for me to try out. We made a detour to Roegels Barbecue Co to grab some of Misty's infamous bourbon banana pudding on the way to meet up with the girls. Damn.

Until next time, happy smoking

Address: 25610 Hempstead Rd, Cypress, TX 77429
Phone: (281) 213.4136


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