CorkScrew Barbecue (Revisit)

When we visited CorkScrew Barbecue for the first time, Amber was not happy with me. It was hot and humid, and she did not know it was a trailer at the time. We waited about an hour and a half outside in the heat. Since then, CorkScrew has moved into a brick and mortar in Old Town Spring. On this particular Saturday, we got up early and arrived 30 minutes before they opened. There is a number system which lets you hangout wherever, inside or outside, without waiting in a line. We bought a couple of beers and hung out in the air conditioning.

Beef ribs are only available on Saturdays so we had to order one. They charge 20 bucks per bone instead of per pound. This allows for faster service plus it comes out cheaper for the customer. I ordered some brisket and pork ribs with mac and cheese as well. Amber got some brisket tacos and cherry cobbler. Everything was great. The meats were seasoned well and cooked to the ideal texture. They have two Oyler smokers that do all of the heavy lifting and provided a good amount of smoke. A lot of people say CorkScrew is their favorite brisket in Houston, and I could see why with the silky, tender beef. The beef rib did not disappoint. The peppery bark made love with the rich meat and was divine to eat. The pork ribs were no slouch either. The meaty rib did not give up much fight as I bite into it. I definitely ordered too much and could not eat it all. I did not order any sausage assuming it was the same old commercial sausage I had last time. It was not. I ended up tasting it at the Houston BBQ Festival the next day. It is a new recipe that the Buckmans came up with that is made for them off-site. It had a good flavor and a nice spice to it.

Husband and wife duo Will and Nichole Buckman are killing it in the northern parts of Houston. It is a drive to CorkScrew, and the anticipation and excitement builds as every mile passes. With the first bite into the smoky meat, you know it is worth it. I will try to make it there more often, but with the Houston barbecue scene the way it is, it can be tough. The Buckman and company sell out later on Saturdays and basically every day they are open now at the new location. Plan ahead and make the trek up there after the lunch rush. Just pay attention to their social media accounts for updates.

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: Old Town, 26608 Keith St, Spring, TX 77373
Phone: (832) 592-1184


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