Feges BBQ (First Impression)

When I heard the power couple, Patrick Feges and Erin Smith, was going to open their own BBQ joint, I was pumped. With their culinary backgrounds, they both possess a prowess in the kitchen and around the smoker. I always make Amber eat barbecue on our road trips, but we actually skipped it on our prior Houston visit. It was an easy sell to get her onboard with Feges. The menu is pretty diverse and has a nice focus on sides.

My wife and I shared a meat spread of brisket, pork ribs, and turkey. I was planning to order pulled pork but forgot. Oops. We did not skimp on the sides and got loaded potato salad, sweet & spicy sprouts, braised collard greens, Moroccan spiced carrots, dirty rice, and cornbread. The brisket was wonderful with its peppery bark. It was Friday so the brisket was sourced from 44 Farms. The fat was rendered nicely, and the meat had a good flavor to it. Sometimes I think my wife is harder to please with brisket, but she gave her seal of approval on it. The pork ribs were good but nothing stood out about them. They were cooked well but no pop in taste. I was left wanting more. The turkey was juicy and flavorful. I do enjoy eating turkey now and always like when it is well executed. Good for those on who are on "diets."

We loved all the sides except for the collard greens. Those were boring. The Moroccan spiced carrots and the Brussel sprouts stood out the most. They were very unique to see on a BBQ menu but tasted great. If these types of veggies were on barbecue menus more often, I would probably weigh 10 pounds lighter... It was a beautiful spread. We capped our meals off with the PB&J chocolate cake and banana & caramel cream pie. I hate peanut butter and am allergic to chocolate so the cake was all Amber's. She dug it. We brought some for a friend, and her husband ate it all. As of now, they are still together. The pie was like a banana pudding with a crust. You guys know I like banana pudding. I finished it off even though I was stuffed before even biting into it.

When I heard that Feges BBQ was opening up in a food court in a business district, I was perplexed. It all makes sense now though. This is not their end game. It is actually just the beginning. They eventually will have their own standalone spot, but for now, please hit up Greenway Plaza. Just do not plan to go during the weekends. They are open Monday through Friday.

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 3, Greenway Plaza Suite C-210, Houston, TX 77046
Phone: (832) 409.6118
Website: https://www.fegesbbq.com/
Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/FegesBBQ/
Twitter: https://twitter.com/FegesBBQ


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