Guess Family Barbecue (First Impression)

I have been meaning to get to Waco to try Guess Family Barbecue for a while now. Life gets so busy sometimes, and you run out of free time. I was also waiting for my mother in law to come town because she wanted to check out Magnolia Market. My sister in law then got pregnant, and they never came as planned. I could not wait any longer and decided to do a BBQ run that with a stop in Waco. Guess has been high on my list. If you do end up at Magnolia Market, the trailer is only a stone's throw away.

I had an Instagram-worthy order in mind, but when I saw the menu, I opted for the 3-meat plate. I am always about value. I got the Texas Trinity but immediately regretting not ordering more. The 44 Farms brisket was wonderful. It had a nice bark with a good balance of flavor and smoke. The fat was well-rendered. The pork ribs were seasoned simply with salt and pepper. Nothing fancy, but it worked. The rub let the smoke do the heavy lifting. The jalapeƱo cheese sausage was one of the cheesiest sausage I have had to date. I loved the house-made link. The casing was snappy with a good grind of texture and spice. The fluffy cheesy grits ate like mashed potatoes. A big ol' side of deliciousness.

Owner Reid Guess worked at Lamberts Downtown Barbecue in Austin before going on his own. He has a deep culinary background so I am excited to see what happens next when he opens his brick and mortar (this fall?). If you do end up at the Silos and cannot get away, there is a small truck that Guess operates within the confines, Little Brisket. Grab a sandwich while you are there. The BBQ scene in Waco is starting to heat up, and Guess is leading the way. The next time you make that drive between Austin and Dallas, do yourself a favor and exit in Waco. You will be eating 'cue from a potential Texas Monthly Top 50 BBQ joint. It is that good.

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 324 S 6th St, Waco, TX 76701


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