Pints in the Park

This spring has been a busy festival season for me. There was almost an event every weekend. When the Pints the Park lineup was announced, I knew this was another event I could not miss. Barbecue and beer? That is probably the perfect combo. Due to weather concerns, the event was pushed back a day to Sunday. Here are all of the tasty bites from that day:

Bodacious Gladewater (Gladewater, Texas) - Beef tenderloin and pork steaks with a red grape jalapeño relish

Brett's Backyard Bar-B-Que (Rockdale, Texas) - Pork steak on a fried tortilla with a pineapple pico de gallo, brisket, ribs with a peach bourbon glaze, and pico de gallo sausage

Brett Boren pulling sausage

Dayne's Craft Barbecue (Forth Worth, Texas) - Pork belly tacos, beef ribs, brisket, cheesy sausage, and berry gouda sausage

Evie Mae's Barbecue (Lubbock, Texas) - Smoked ribeye, brisket, and green chile cheese sausage

Goldee’s Barbecue (Fort Worth, Texas) - Brisket and hot guts with homemade bread and pickles

Guess Family Barbecue (Waco, Texas) - Oysters Oaxacafeller and 44 Farms Beef cheek barbacoa tostada

Helberg Barbecue (Waco, Texas) - Smoked Longanisa with crawfish pimento cheese and pork steak with chimichurri taco

Phillip Helberg

HonkyTonk Kid BBQ (Waco, Texas) - El Oso (pretzel bun, pulled pork, cream corn, mozzarella and mole sauce), brisket, pork belly and sausage

Rossler's BLUE CORD Barbecue (Killeen, Texas) - Brisket burger slider, tri-tip tacos, and spiced banana pudding

Schmidt Family Barbecue (Lake Travis, Texas) - Brisket, cream corn, and banana pudding

I was too busy eating and taking pictures of BBQ that I forgot to partake in the beer tastings. Doh! All is good because it is a two hour drive home from Waco. The Texas summer announced its arrival at Pints in the Park. The event was hot and humid, but luckily there was plenty of shade. This was my last BBQ festival for the season, and it was closed out in a strong way. All of the barbecue joints brought their game, and there was plenty of unique and different dishes. I will close out this festival season with Hot Luck this weekend.

Until next time, happy smoking...


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