Hot Luck 2019

The third annual Hot Luck Fest took place this previous weekend. The four-day food and music festival is a brainchild of Aaron Franklin (Franklin Barbecue), James Moody (Fun Fun Fest), and Mike Thelin (Feast PDX). Daniel Vaughn was not cooking this year (I helped him out the prior two years) so I was just a spectator with the goal in mind of gorging myself silly. There are four main food events- Giddy Up, Hi, How Are You?, Al Fuego, and Coupe de Grille (I did not attend). There was an option for an add-on to attend Any Ricker's Pok Pok pop-up at Franklin. Here are some of my favorites bites this year:

Giddy Up

Line to get into the Mohawk

Matty Matheson

Matty Matheson's beef and cheddar

Bluefin tuna from Otoko

Yoshi Okai

Oysters and caviar from Regalis Foods

Aaron Franklin & Matty Matheson

Hi, How Are You?

Franklin Barbecue

Beef rib

Brisket boudin

Brisket with mustard sauce and seeds


Chef Chris Shepherd of Georgia James Steak

Chris Shepherd's ribeye a la plancha with Thai-style Nam Jim

Charcuterie from Olympia Provisions

Empanadas from Cuyo

Empanadas baking in the pizza oven

Cheeseburger flautas from LePigeon

Spam and rice from Epicerie

Al Fuego

Wild Onion Ranch

Smoked pork belly

Smoked pork belly from Bullard

Chicken stuffed wings from Cured

Roasted bluefin collar roll from Uchi - I ate 5 of these

Pizzeria Bianco

Rosa pizza from Pizzeria Bianco

Flank steak from Alon Shaya/Safta

Vertical smoker for barbacoa from Suerte

Pastrami beef rib from Salt and Time

Pastrami beef rib from Salt and Time

Ham and porchetta from Contigo

Grilled bacon from Pitchfork Pretty

Crispy pork belly from Hotel Ella

Smoked bacon from Kemuri Tatsu-Ya


Beef cheek rending from Fat Rice
This year's Hot Luck was not as hot as last year's. Thank goodness. The chefs brought their game because it was one tasty bite after another. I did not get shots of Emmer and Rye's Koji egg cream with berries and Suerte's barbacoa tacos. Both were quite delicious. It was another fun weekend for me. I did not want to stop eating. I would like to see whole hog done again, but that is just a wish. If you have not been to Hot Luck yet, start planning for next year. You will it enjoy it. I am already looking forward to the next one.

Until next time, happy smoking...


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