Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival 2019

I love attending Red Dirt BBQ & Music Festival. It always features some of the best barbecue joints in the state. There are plenty of delicious bites, and the lines are quite manageable. The music lineup is an added bonus. I originally wanted to come up Saturday and leave Saturday evening, but Amber would not let me. So I drove around East Texas eating BBQ. Darn. I took about 200 pictures on Saturday, but I condensed it down to 80+. I wish I had taken a few more though. Here is what everyone brought to the event:

BBQ on the Brazos - Brisket, sausage, and cheesy grits

Black's Barbecue - Brisket and jalapeño cheese sausage

Bodacious Bar-B-Q - Whole hog gyro and Greek sausage

New Bewley hog cooker

Hoodoo Brown BBQ crew in town to help

Pitmaster/owner Jordan Jackson

Bryan Bingham and Ashton Dyer loading the Greek sausage

Brotherton's Black Iron Barbecue - NY strip on a loaded potato pancake topped with horseradish crème, and fried onions

Pitmaster Alanmykal Jackson with Steven Rossler looking on

Pitmaster Dominic Colbert flipping the loaded potato pancakes

Pitmaster/owner John Brotherton, Jessica Jackson, and Alanmykal Jackson

CattleAck BBQ - Pastrami

Country Tavern - Brisket and baby backs

Evie Mae's Barbecue - Brisket, green chile cheese sausage, and ribeye

Pitmaster Joseph Rodriguez checking on the ribeyes

Ribeye searing in the coals

Hutchins BBQ - Brisket, jalapeño cheese sausage, and Twinkies

Twinkies - brisket and cream cheese stuffed jalapeños, wrapped in bacon

Kreuz Market - Original and jalapeño cheese sausage

LeRoy & Lewis - Full beef taco, beef cheek meatball, and ambrosia salad

Pitmaster/owner Evan LeRoy and Brad Robinson

Lockhart Smokehouse - Brisket with peach habanero bacon jam sliders

Louie Mueller Barbecue - Lamb pop

Meat Church - Apple & brown sugar habanero pork belly burnt ends, chicken fried burnt ends, and barbacoa tacos

Micklethwait Craft Meats - Lamb ribs, pork belly, pork shoulder with Asian spices

Tom Micklethwait, Lane Milne, and Dylan Taylor

Dylan Taylor and Lane Milne

Miller's Smokehouse - Maple-blueberry baby backs and apple pie sausage

Opie's Barbecue - Brisket, sweet & spicy pork belly, jalapeño cheese sausage, craisin almond salad, and banana pudding

One of my favorite banana puddings

Pinkerton's Barbecue - Pork belly, crunchy Asian pear slaw, jalapeño cornbread with maple bourbon butter

Owner/pitmaster Grant Pinkerton slicing pork belly

Riverport BBQ - Brisket

Roegels Barbecue Co. - BBQ pork sundae and bourbon banana pudding

Schmidt Family Barbecue - Brisket, poblano cream corn, and banana pudding


Snow's BBQ - Brisket tacos

Red Dirt mastermind Chase Colston and pitmaster/owner Kerry Bexley

Stanley's Famous Pit BBQ - Brisket, jalapeño cheese sausage, and baby backs

Stiles Switch BBQ & Brew - Serrano glazed ribs and smoked wings with an Alabama white sauce

Pitmaster Lance Kirkpatrick checking on the ribs

Pitmaster Marco Olgesby shuffling the wings

Truth BBQ - Pulled pork sliders with brisket

Joe Yim and Reid Carson

Tyler's Barbeque - Brisket and ribs

Pitmaster/owner Tyler Frazer

Tyler Frazer and wife Rachel

Red Dirt is still my favorite barbecue festival to attend. The weather cooperated, and it was a beautiful day. I ate so much tasty 'cue. I was uncomfortable on the drive home, but it was so worth it. It was great to see all the fine folks in Texas BBQ. It makes everything I do worth it.

John Kulow aka @ATXFoodGuy getting down

Until next time, happy smoking...


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