Kreuz Market

Our last barbecue trip to Snow's BBQ and Louie Mueller Barbecue inspired me to do another BBQ excursion. We try to do a barbecue group trip once a year. For some reason last year, we did not go anywhere. The Salt Lick is our normal destination, but we have done Cooper's Old Time Pit Bar-B-Que in New Braunfels as well. We were going to make it up this year. We live only about 15 minutes from the Barbecue Capital of Texas, Lockhart. This time we were going to hit up three different locations, Kreuz Market, Smitty's Market, and Black's Barbecue. The adventure was called Sausage Fest 2013. We left off Chisholm Trail BBQ because we have done a group trip there already. Although it is where the locals go because of the cheaper prices and shorter lines, the barbecue is just okay.

Our first stop of the day was Kreuz Market. I have been here two times before and was not impressed either time. Because I went for dinner the other times, I wanted to go here first when the meat was the freshest. They do not have barbecue sauce or forks here. We came prepared and brought our own forks for the girls. Kreuz was one of the top five BBQ joints in the 2008 Texas Monthly list, but in 2013, they were just in the top 50. Kreuz used to be located where Smitty's Market is. It was a family business before a falling out caused them to go their separate ways and have two BBQ joints. The families are joining forces to open a barbecue restaurant in Bee Caves. The dining room at Kreuz is huge, but I have never seen the place filled anywhere to capacity.

I ordered the moist brisket, sausage, and pork ribs for me to share with my wife. I was trying to keep the order consistent at all three stops we were making. We did not get any sides. They do have German potatoes instead of potato salad that I tried last time. It was okay, and I did not like it being warm. They added macaroni and cheese to the menu which I somehow missed out on. Maybe next time... We were trying to pace ourselves through the first two stops. The brisket was terrible. When I smoked my first brisket, the results were similar. It was undercooked and had a texture of a well-done steak. It did have a good smoke ring and crust. We did not eat all of it though. The sausage was solid. It had a great flavor, but the casing was a little wrinkly. The pork ribs were the best thing I had there. It had a good smoky pepper flavor and texture. They were juicy and tender.

I would go back here as much as I really do not want to say that. The moist brisket has been disappointing every time I have eaten it. I am a brisket man so my opinion of a restaurant weighs heavily on that. I might have to try the pork chop and beef ribs next time if I go back. Our next stop is Smitty's Market. You will have to wait a week for my review of that. Sorry. Grade: B-

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 619 N Colorado St, Lockhart, TX 78644
Phone: (512) 398-2361


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