Snow's BBQ

Ever since starting this blog, I have had a hankering for barbecue almost every day. One of our friends had gone to Snow's BBQ a week before. I have had always wanted to go there and was super jealous. It was the top BBQ joint on the Texas Monthly's list back in 2008, and it was in the top four this time around. Snow's is only open on Saturdays, and it was about 70 miles from our house in Lexington. Louie Mueller Barbecue which was also in top four is in Taylor. Taylor is a short 30 minute ride from Lexington. I had a barbecue doubleheader in the makings.

Our friend who went to Snow's the week before helped us out. He had a good idea what the line was like. We left the house around 8 am although Show's opened right then. We got there shortly after 9, and there was a very short line. When I got to the front, I ordered the three meat plate. I went with brisket, sausage, and pork ribs with a side of beans, potato salad, and coleslaw. My wife got the chicken and was going to share a three meat plate with our other friend. The plate was relatively cheap. Their meat by the pound was also priced reasonably.

All of the meats were really good. If Franklin Barbecue did not exist, I could see this place still being number one. The brisket was excellent and had a nice smoke ring. The pieces I had were the lean cut. It was definitely the best lean brisket I have ever had. It was not too salty and had a nice crust to it. The brisket was very tender especially for it being lean. The ribs were superb, and the meat was coming off the bone. It had a nice peppery flavor to it. The sausage was good with a nice snap to it. The texture was not as gritty as I liked, but I would not pass up on the sausage. The beans and coleslaw were oaky. They had nothing great about them. The potato salad was good in my books. It was mayo based and a little sweet. It was just the way I like it.

When we were done with our meal, we went outside to look at the pits. They were by the outdoor seating area out in the open. I met one of the pitmasters, Tootsie, and she showed me around. That was really nice of her to do. Everyone who worked there had a regular job during the week. She works at a local school district and is in her late 70's. Wow. Lexington had a tradition of smoking up barbecue every Saturday. When Snow's opened, it was a way to maintain this legacy. The brisket here is cooked indirectly and all of the other meats are done directly. Originally they were smoking about eight briskets every Saturday. Once Texas Monthly named them tops in Texas in 2008, they had to build a behemoth of a smoker to meet demand.

While talking to Tootsie, I was informed that they had moist brisket as well. What?! I assume they only had lean based on when I tried Snow's at the Texas Monthly BBQ festival and what was served to me just earlier. They use a smaller brisket which I assume is all lean. I had to try some of the moist. By this time, there was a wait of about ten minutes. The wait was worth it though. The moist cut was so good. The meat was so moist and tender without being overly salty.

Please make the drive to Lexington. It is so worth it. The wait was nonexistent. There is not a whole lot going in the little town, but the tradition of the place makes up for it. Our next stop was Louie Mueller Barbecue in Taylor. Continue to that review here. Grade: A

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 516 Main St, Lexington, TX 78947
Phone: (979) 773-4640


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