Bill Miller Bar-B-Q (Ben White)

Back to back barbecue chains? What is wrong with me? I was crunched for time during lunch. I had to run by Walmart to pick up some school supplies to donate to a local school for work. There was a Bill Miller Bar-B-Q right by the Walmart I went to. A few years ago I asked my wife what her favorite barbecue restaurant was. She said it was Bill Miller. I am not sure if she was being sarcastic. Bill Miller is a local chain that was started in San Antonio. They use a commissary concept. Everything is smoked or prepared at a central kitchen and then delivered to their 67 locations. My favorite things to get at Bill Miller Bar-B-Q are their breakfast tacos, fried chicken, and sweet tea. I like getting the brisket and egg, chicken and egg, or smoked sausage and egg breakfast tacos in the morning. Their fried chicken is really good too. I have a Bill Miller mug that I can get a refill of 32 ounces of sweet tea for 50 cents.

Today, I got the rib plate with two meats which included marbled brisket and sausage. On the side, I got coleslaw, potato salad, and hash browns. I was a little embarrassed to bring in my DSLR so I left it in the car. I just used my iPhone to snap a couple of pics. I never knew they had moist brisket. I always assumed they had lean, but I asked for the moist just in case today. They did have some, and it was not that terrible. It was tender and had a nice smoke ring. The flavor was a little lacking, and I could not taste any smoke. That is what barbecue sauce is for I guess. The ribs were actually surprisingly decent. They were juicy and a decent flavor. Their commercial sausage was good. It had a good casing and grind. The hash browns were good as usual. The coleslaw was a little vinegary but not bad. The potato salad had a consistency like mashed potatoes.

For being a barbecue chain, it is not terrible. They are very consistent and reasonable priced. They have daily specials, and you can get out of there on the cheap. They are open for all meals and every day of the week. If you do not want "fast food," stop here when you need a quick meal. Grade: Other

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 709 E Ben White Blvd, Austin, TX 78704
Phone: (512) 443-3533


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