John Mueller Meat Co (closed)

Happy Labor Day! It is a holiday edition of my blog. I hope everyone out there is enjoying some barbecue. No not the stuff off the grill but the good stuff from a smoker. Too bad today is Meatless Monday for us. Blasphemy! My wife Amber and I have been participating for two and half years now.

John Mueller. Yeah I said his name. His family owns Louie Mueller Barbecue. He opened his own joint, John Mueller's B-B-Q, which later closed because he ran into financial issues. John later joined his sister and opened up JMueller BBQ. His sister then kicked him out of the business over a financial disagreement. He is now back again with John Mueller Meat Co. Hopefully he will be back for a while this time around. He did make the Texas Monthly Top 50 list again which should help.

There is a lot of street construction around his location at this time. Parking and getting in and around there is a pain right now. This is a bad thing for the restaurant but a good thing for me. I rolled up around 1 pm and there was no line at all. I have been to his previous establishments so I had high hopes going in. I ordered the normal trinity of moist brisket, pork ribs, and sausage. I had to add some of John's famous beef ribs. Before I sat down and ate my food, I was snapping shots of my meal. John was giving me a hard time for not eating his creations right away. He comes off as a jerk, but he is a genuine and an appreciative person.

When I finally dug in, the brisket was awesome but a tad dry. It had an excellent peppery crust. The pork ribs were very good. It was tender and had sweet glaze to them. The sausage was excellent but was a little spicy. I am fine with the heat, but I was caught off guard. The casing and the grind was superb in my book. It might be my favorite sausage right now. The beef ribs were good as usual. Just like his brother Wayne, John's beef rib is heavy on black pepper. The pepper meddles with the meat and forms this crispy bond that produces a lot of flavor. Beef ribs when smoked right are downright amazing. It is so tender and rich. The only bad thing I have noticed about beef ribs is that they have a membrane between the meat and the bone. I hate the texture of the membrane when I eat it.

John Mueller Meat Co met my expectations. I really hope everything works out for John Mueller this time around. We all win if he sticks around. The wait is shorter than Franklin and can be just as good. However he did say he did not want to read my "shitty little blog." Hopefully this post will change that.

Until next time, happy smoking...


  1. Go here, Curt's Barbecue,it's Awesome!!!


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