Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q (Leon Springs)

Sometimes as a blogger, you do things you would not normally do. I ate at a barbecue chain restaurant. We were in San Antonio with a friend's family for the day. Rudy's Country Store And Bar-B-Q was one of the first barbecue joints I have eaten at. I remember the food being awesome, but I also had nothing better to compare to it as well. Amber and I eat there ever so often. We like to order their smoked turkey during the holidays. When we lived in Lubbock, we loved getting the Coke fountain drink. It was the perfect combination of sweetness and carbonation. Too bad we do not drink any sodas anymore. The original Rudy's was located just north of San Antonio in Leon Springs.

When we got to the original location, there was a line of about ten people. We were not sure why there was a line. We assumed it is because it is a touristy destination. At this location, they charge for pickles and onions. What?! Every time we eat at Rudy's, it ends up being pricey. I guess at this location, they do not want to throw you a bone. We ended up ordering some moist brisket, one pork rib, a link of sausage, a half pound of chopped beef, and a half chicken. We also got a side of creamed corn and potato salad. The meal itself ended up being pretty disappointing. The brisket was underdone and chewy. They probably cut smaller slices to hide the quality of the brisket. Shame on them for trying to fool me. The pork rib had decent smoke and was tender, but it lacked any flavor. The sausage was okay for a commercial sausage. They cut it the link lengthwise which did not help. The casing was good, but that is about it. The chopped beef was good, but who can really mess up chopped beef? The smoked chicken was the winner. Their chicken is smoked to perfection. It was very juicy, tender, and flavorful. The creamed corn was excellent as usual. The potato salad was pretty good. I do not know if this location is a good indicator of all of the Rudy's. I have had better meals at other ones, but you would think the original would be the best.

This might be one of the harder posts for me to write. It is very difficult to find good things about a bad experience. I would not recommend going out of your way for this location. My wife did not agree on the grade I gave. She felt like I should have given Rudy's a lower grade. Rudy's does have good breakfast tacos though. Eggs and tortillas can mask the imperfection of their meats. Grade: Other

Until next time, happy smoking...

Address: 24152 Interstate Highway 10, San Antonio, TX 78257
Phone: (210) 698-2141


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