Gettin' Sauced

Running season has started for me. I also have a running blog if you want to follow that. I had hammered out 14 miles Saturday morning so I was ready for some barbecue and beers. I was looking forward to the fourth annual Gettin' Sauced all week. It is a barbecue sauce contest/festival, but some of the well-known barbecue joints were going to be there. It is put on by the guys over at Man Up Texas BBQ. Thanks to Thrillist for getting me in. I will go over some of the highlights in this post.

I feel like I am a terrible photographer. I got a digital SLR last Christmas, and I have no idea what I am doing. Help?

This is the beer line, and it was the longest line. I wonder why. The festival was located at the Hops and Grain Brewery, and they obviously provided the beers. Cheers!

Pitmaster/owner Wayne Mueller of Louie Mueller Barbecue was there serving up some baby back ribs. Of course they were delicious. My favorite sauce of the festival was his sweet jalapeƱo. It was also his birthday on Saturday. Happy birthday Wayne!

Black's Barbecue was also there. They were cutting up their brisket and sausage. Their brisket is one of my favorites.

I tried Opie's Barbecue in 2011 at the Texas Monthly BBQ Fest. They are on the top 50 list again this year. They are located in Spicewood which I never go out that way, but I might have to soon.

Freedmen's is a new player in Austin. They are located in West Campus. They brought a fish style sauce which I was not a fan of. I do need to visit them in the near future though.

The BBQ Snob aka Daniel Vaughn was also there. He was selling shirts and a copy of his book. I owned both so I was pretty much useless to him. He was however kind enough to sign my copy. I have written a review of his book that I will post soon. We had a little nice conversation, and he seems like a nice chill guy. For those who do not know of Daniel Vaughn, he is now the Texas Monthly Barbecue Editor. What a sweet gig!

That is all I have for this week.

Until next time, happy smoking...


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